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Ship's Chandelling

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Our services are second to none, FAST and SAFELY!

Ship Chandelling

Our Advantages

  • Trusted

    You can trust Klip Shipping to deliver your cargo on time and safely

  • Best Security

    Your items can be sure to remain intact on delivery

  • 100% guarantee

    We give you 100 percent guaranty

  • Quick Location

    We are stategically located in Lagos, Nigeria close to shipping base

Our Ship Chandelling services are comprehensive and reliable, catering to all the needs of our vessels visiting Nigerian waters. Because we understand the importance of this service to our clients, our team work tirelessly to provide more than their essentials within record time.

Our supplies includes but not limited to the following. Food provisions, groceries, spare parts, cleaning materials, toiletries, clean and fresh waters and many more. We have established strong relationships with reputable suppliers to guarantee quality products and timely deliveries.

Additionally, we adhere to strict quality standards to ensure that all goods supplied by us meet international regulatory requirements. Our goal in Ship Chandelling is to ensure that vessels under our management runs smoothly while in port.

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