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Our services are second to none, FAST and SAFELY!


Our Advantages

  • Trusted

    You can trust Klip Shipping to deliver your cargo on time and safely

  • Best Security

    Your items can be sure to remain intact on delivery

  • 100% guarantee

    We give you 100 percent guaranty

  • Quick Location

    We are stategically located in Lagos, Nigeria close to shipping base

At KLIP Shipping Nigeria Limited, we also distinguish ourselves by offering professional maritime consultancy services to our clients. With our vast knowledge of the industry, we provide expert advice on various maritime matters such as vessel management, regulatory compliance, risk assessment, and operational efficiency.

Through our consultancy services, numerous clients have been able to navigate through the complex and ever-changing maritime landscape with ease and confidence. Each client gets tailored recommendations and designs to optimize their operational performance, enhance safety measures, and reduce costs to boost bottom lines. We leverage on key industry experts and extensive network of resources to ensure that our clients receives excellent support and guidance for all their maritime needs.

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