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Customs Clearance

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Our services are second to none, FAST and SAFELY!


Our Advantages

  • Trusted

    You can trust Klip Shipping to deliver your cargo on time and safely

  • Best Security

    Your items can be sure to remain intact on delivery

  • 100% guarantee

    We give you 100 percent guaranty

  • Quick Location

    We are stategically located in Lagos, Nigeria close to shipping base

As a customs clearing agency, KLIP Shipping Nigeria Limited is committed to delivering exceptional and precise services with unwavering dedication. We navigate through complex customs regulations and processes to ensure that your shipments are cleared timely and seamlessly.

Our meticulous approach to customs clearance not only guarantees compliance with relevant laws and regulations but also minimizes delays and ensures prompt delivery of your goods. Our staff pay close attention to details, carefully reviewing all documentation and effectively communicating with customs officials to facilitate smooth clearance procedures.

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